On the Trump Muslim Ban

The inability to distinguish Islam and terrorism is ignorant. Acting on that ignorance on this scale is rascism.

Those of us who didn’t vote for Trump had to deal with two months worth of mocking for protesting and criticizing him “before he even did anything.” We were told to be patient and give him a chance, as if taking him at his word and being worried that he would do what he spent a year and a half stubbornly promising to do, despite bipartisan condemnation, was some sort of delusional overreaction.

There was a lot that happened this past week I disagreed with. Some were actions any Republican president would have taken, ones I disagree with strongly but am capable of swallowing and committing to pushing back in the ways we as citizens can. Ones that, if they were all he had promised to do, would not have been met with the level of opposition that has gotten under the skin of so many on the right.

Some were more egregious. And the level of immaturity and recklessness with which this administration is running so far seems unprecedented.

But this refugee/immigration ban? It dwarfs it all. It’s the definition of racism. Its broad ban by nationality has long since been ruled illegal. It includes a religious preference that is glaringly unconstitutional. It doesn’t make us safer — how many defense experts have to explain how alienating muslim communities promotes radicalization? It’s not even consistent — the order goes on and on about 9/11, but the ban doesn’t even include Egypt or Saudi Arabia, you know, where most the 9/11 hijackers came from (I’m sure that’s not because of any economic interests we have in those countries).

The inability to distinguish Islam and terrorism is ignorant. Acting on that ignorance on this scale is rascism. Supporting it is either fear or hatred or both (neither of which is particularly “tough” or American). And leaving refugees of war stranded, a mistake this country has made before, is the least compassionate, least Christian thing I can think of (but then I always forget that part of the bible where Jesus said the compassion we’re supposed to have for life exclusively applies to American fetuses. Although I do love his riff on arbitrarily intensifying already extensive, years-long screening processes before you’re obligated to help the needy. JC was such a policy wonk.).

I have friends, and have seen dozens more posts already about friends of friends, whose families will be affected by this immoral order, families who have lived in the US for years, decades even, and now can not visit relatives or go on vacation outside of the US and be allowed to return. And that is the more pleasant end of the spectrum of those affected. I take it personally.

It’s only been a week. And I seem to remember another campaign promise about registering Muslims in the US. If it comes to that, those who support it will have lost my all my good will and respect.

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